Label is a sister venture to Powder Grey Interiors & Lifestyle, which fosters our distinctive and unique look of mixing old and new together. Powder Grey Label is our own brand, which gives it a raw, sexier feel. An eclectic mix of new, vintage and up-cycled seasonally changing interiors, clothing, one-off or limited editions, ceramics, photography and art from the Powder Grey Label collection, much of which will soon be available online.

We are always on the lookout for new, special and eye-catching artists, designers and entrepreneurs that fit alongside our own look to showcase / advertise under our Label. If you think your brand, design or art should be in our Label, then please get in touch.   

Below lists some of those we’ve worked with. Many link to interviews we’ve produced with the makers, follow links to read our ‘Behind the Label’ features.

Upcycled/Recycled Furniture Program Money for Nothing - Jay Blades
Reclaimed Fire Hoses and other Materials - Elvis & Kresse
Dove & Wonder - Reuse of Shoe lasts - Susan Gaston
Designer - Stephen Kenn
Retrobotegga - Paolo Guidotto
Artist - Victor-Raul Garcia
Skinflint - Sophie Miller
interior designer - Shelley Jacobs Rodner
Lucy loves ya - Lucy Gleeson
Giovelab Favourite Things - Giorgia Brunelli
ERIBÉ Knitwear - Shona Forrester
Artist using recycled materials - David Cass
Felt Artist - Gladys Paulus
Wazars store - Yayoi Nakanishi
Photographer - Han Lee De Boer
Interiors Photographer & Stylist - Fiona Walker-Arnott
tea with Ruby - Jane Day

Our Products

The Jacquard Throw/Wrap — 2 Head Design

Designed by Sandie Walker Hepburn under Label, the throw can be displayed either at the end of a chair, sofa or bed, however it can also be worn as a unisex wrap. The uniqueness of this luxury item is that it was designed and made for multiple uses in mind i.e. two looks. The wrap/throw is reversible and can be used either in the home or as an a accessory to your chosen outfit, for both male or female.

Both the wool and the company/mill which produced it are from Scotland, the mill having over 200 years of wool production, making the throw/wrap a truly Scottish experience

Throw 1
Throw 2


Discover our latest knitwear collection from Powder Grey Label. Wrap yourself up in one of our signature 'cross' jumpers, a look which is used by us as a sign-off on our interior projects. The 'cross' features on our woollen & cashmere unisex jumpers, and looks great alongside our dual jacquard wrap which sports our 'Roman Head' image making it our own unique Label style.

When you purchase Label knitwear you are not simply buying a garment, you are obtaining an item of clothing that was manufactured following generations of traditional woollen workmanship to create this luxury designed jumper wrap/throw. Designed by us, through careful thought processes to ensure that the look and feel of the design will complement the wool and cashmere that is to be used to make the finished article.

Did you know that wool is one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet? At the end of its use, wool biodegrades and adds nutrients back into the soil or the ocean. So not only is it slow- fashion stylish, but environmentally friendly too.

As pictured below, we’re also stocking carefully sourced children’s knitwear for the fashion conscious little people of this planet!


Below, a selection of recent images taken by us. Our upcycled canvas cushions: under Label we have used ex-military canvas, upcycled to create these fab floor cushions. We also have our hounds tooth cushions with pads, upcycled from surplus material. And, our whisky barrels are proving to be quite popular not only in local country gardens but small urban gardens too. They look great as a display unit but also look attractive for many other different uses in the home: wine rack, storage container, coffee/side table, breakfast bar table, seating and as an outside planter or water dispenser etc. These beautifully crafted wooden shells are also a natural product therefore biodegradable which helps to reduce natural waste in the environment. However you use your barrel, they make a great feature inside and outside the home, for parties, events and weddings. Sandie’s family use theirs as a wood tidy, where the wood is not only stored closer to the house, especially when collecting on cold mornings, but also brings texture and interest to a unused area.